How to Use Template Tags in WordPress in Widgets

1. Log in to the WordPress admin area.
2. Go through the left-hand navigation pane and locate 'Plugins.' Click on 'Add New' under plugins so the plugin search page will load.

3. Insert 'PHP code widget' in the search box and click the 'Search Plugins' button to the right. Click the 'Install' link for the 'PHP code widget' plugin which will be the first search result. Click on 'Activate Plugin' link when prompted.
4. Click 'Widgets' under 'Appearance' in the left-hand navigation menu. Notice that there will be a new widget named 'PHP Code.' Drag this widget to the chosen sidebar in the right.
5. Insert the desired template tag within the body of 'PHP Code' widget. Enter an appropriate title for the widget or leave it blank.You may even test the widget with a simple template tag such as '

'. The only condition to insert PHP codes into the widget is that the code must be contained within regular HTML tags.


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