How to Add Blog Posts in WordPress From My BlackBerry

1. Download and install the WordPress for BlackBerry app via BlackBerry App World. Download the version that corresponds with your BlackBerry's operating system. Some models of BlackBerries may have a built-in App World storefront that you can access right from your BlackBerry device. If this is the case, the installation steps for the app will vary depending on your BlackBerry model. You can also purchase the app via the App World website. Sign in with your BlackBerry ID and enter your payment information. The site will sync with your device and send the app directly over.
2. Launch WordPress for BlackBerry. Click 'Add Blog.' Enter your blog's address. Enter your admin name and password when prompted to sign in. Click 'OK' to sync your blog with your BlackBerry. If you have several blogs, you can add all of them at once.

3. Click your blog's title from the WordPress for BlackBerry main menu. Click 'Posts.' Click the pencil icon to create a new post. Once you've finished writing your post, click 'Submit' to publish your post to your blog.


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