How to Change a WordPress Template in Dreamweaver

1. Launch Dreamweaver on your computer, and click 'Dreamweaver Site' in the center column of the splash page.
2. Type the name of your WordPress site in the text field, and click the folder icon next to the 'Local Site Folder' text field. Navigate to the WordPress directory on your computer using the navigator dialog, click the root folder and click 'OK.'

3. Click 'Servers' in the left side bar, click the ' ' button and type your Web hosting information in the corresponding text fields and click 'Save.' If you do not know what to type in the text fields, contact your Web host -- most service providers maintain 24 hour customer service hot lines.
4. Click the 'Save' button in the 'Site Service' window. Dreamweaver displays your WordPress directory in the 'Files' panel.
5. Open the 'wp-content' folder located in your WordPress site's directory, open 'themes' and open the folder whose title corresponds to the template you want to change.
6. Double-click 'style.css' to open your template's style sheet. Change the code in whatever way you want to change the style of your WordPress template. Alternatively, double-click any of the PHP files to change the structure of certain aspects of your WordPress template. For instance, open 'footer.php' to change the PHP functions present in the page.
7. Click 'File' in the menu bar of the application window, and select 'Save.' Upload the changed WordPress template document by clicking the 'File Management' button adjacent to the 'Title' text field and selecting 'Put.' The file uploads to your remote directory.


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