How to Include a Graph in My WordPress Blog

1. Open a Web browser and navigate to a free image-hosting site such as Each image site works differently, but you can upload the graph image using the hosting site's interface. For, click the 'Computer' button and choose the graph image on your computer. Click 'Upload' to upload the image to the site. After you upload the image, a direct link is displayed for the image. You need this link to insert it into your WordPress post.
2. Click the 'New Tab' button on your browser. Type your WordPress blog's domain name in the navigation text box. After your blog loads, click the 'Admin Dashboard' link and log in to your WordPress dashboard.

3. Click the 'Posts' link in the left navigation panel. Click 'Add New.' You'll add the image and post content in the WordPress editor that opens.
4. Click the 'Image' icon at the top of the editor. An 'Insert Image' window opens. Click the 'From URL' tab. Paste the image URL from the image-hosting website into the 'Image URL' text box.
5. Type a title for the graph image in the 'Image Title' text box. Click 'Insert into Post' to add the image. Note that a preview of the graph image is shown in the editor.


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