How to Add Products to a WordPress eShop

1. Log on to your WordPress dashboard.
2. Click 'Add page' to create a brand-new page for shopping, or click 'eEdit page' if you want to add a product to an existing WordPress page. You may only add one product per page in WordPress, so you'll need several pages if you sell multiple online items.

3. Enter the product name in the 'Page Title' field.
4. Type a product description in the text field below the title, or click on the image icon to insert a product image.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the 'Product Entry' section. With the eShop plug-in installed, a Product Entry section appears on all pages, but you can leave it blank to hide the option on any published Web pages that do not contain products.
6. Enter a SKU number into the 'Product ID' box. This number can be random, but the eShop plug-in requires that you number all products.
7. Enter a price for the product and any shipping charges into the field provided.
8. Click on the check box labeled 'Stock is Available.' You can uncheck this box later if the product sells out but you still want to keep the page online.
9. Click 'Publish' to upload the product page. Unless you used custom payment settings while installing the plug-in, customers who click on a product will send you money via PayPal. You will receive a notice at your default WordPress email account whenever a sale is made.


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