How to Create a Full Width Page Template for WordPress

1. Create a new, blank file in the plain-text or code editor of your choice. Open up your 'page.php' file from the following location:/yoursite/wp-content/themes/name-of-theme/'Yoursite' is the directory where you installed WordPress, and 'name-of-theme' is the name of the theme you want to edit. Copy the contents of 'page.php,' and paste it into the blank file. Save the blank file as 'your-template-name.php,' where 'your-template-name' is whatever name you want to give the file.
2. Add the following line of code to the very top of your new template file:
WordPress reads this code, and when it sees 'Template Name,' it knows that 'Your Name Here' is a template it should offer when you create pages in the dashboard. Give it a descriptive name, such as 'Full-Width Page.' Save your file.

3. Read through the PHP file you just created, and look for this code entry:
In the case of multiple sidebars, you might see code for the other sidebars similar to the following:
Remove codes for sidebars wherever you see them. Save your file again.
4. Open up your 'header.php' file, and check that the
tag includes the following line of code:
If you do not see it there, add that tag within the
tag. Save the 'header.php' file. Now go back to your full-width template file, and make sure the
tag that wraps around your page content has its class set to
like so:
5. Open up your 'style.css' file, and add the .page {width: 100%;}Change '.page-template-layout-full-width-php' to reflect the name you gave your template's file. A file named 'my-new-page.php' will be '.page-template-my-new-page-php'. This CSS code ensures that any page set to use the full-width template will display its contents across the full width of the screen.
6. Log in to the WordPress dashboard, and create a new page. After adding your content to the editor, find the drop-down under Template in the Page Attributes box on the right of the screen. Click the drop-down and select your new template. Click the blue Update button in the box above to publish the page.


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