How to Make a WordPress Theme in Dreamweaver

1. Use TAGStention, found at This add-on puts an actual extension bar within Dreamweaver that gives you easy access to any WordPress tags you might need to use while typing code. If you use a tag that requires certain parameters to be met, you will be able to use a wizard to fill them out. As of the date of publication, TAGStention is free to use.
2. Go to and get ThemeDreamer, a Dreamweaver extension designed to help you make WordPress themes. The extension allows you to see exactly what your WordPress theme will look like when it's finished, and provides access to more than 50 royalty free fonts.

3. Build a WordPress theme in Dreamweaver from scratch without any extensions. This is by far the most difficult option -- you will need to be knowledgeable in HTML and CSS programming. Instead of building your own from scratch, you may want to try editing a pre-existing WordPress theme.


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