How to Add Twitter Facebook to WordPress

Facebook Widget
1. Create a Facebook fan page for your blog, if you don't already have one. You will have to manually share content with your fans on the page, but it can be worth it to reach users who don't regularly visit your blog (because your fans will see your posts in their general news feed on Facebook).
2. Visit the Facebook Like Box Widget plugin page ( Click the orange Download box. Unzip the plugin archive.

3. Add the plugin directory to your general WordPress plugins directory (located by default in the 'wp-content' directory on your website). You can use an FTP client or your web host's file manager to upload this directory.
4. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and access the Plugins menu in the left toolbar. Locate the Facebook Like Box Widget plugin and click 'Activate.'
5. Click the Widgets submenu of the Appearance menu in the left toolbar. Drag the Facebook Like Box widget to your sidebar or one of the lower boxes. Click the widget box and enter your Facebook fan page's URL into the indicated field. You can also adjust other settings with this menu, such as width, number of fans displayed and how many recent posts will be shown in the box. Click 'Save' to complete the integration.
Twitter Widget
6. Log in to your (or your blog's) Twitter account. Visit the Twitter widget homepage (
7. Click 'Profile Widget' to see a preview of the widget. Click through the Preferences, Appearance and Dimensions menus on this page to adjust the colors, size and layout of your Twitter widget. Whenever you change a setting, click 'Test Settings' to apply the changes to the preview. Click 'Finish Grab Code' when you are satisfied with the widget.
8. Copy all of the code in the box that appears.
9. Log in to your WordPress dashboard. Open the Widgets submenu in the Appearance menu on the left toolbar.
10. Drag a new text widget to your sidebar layout. Paste the Twitter widget code into this field and click 'Save.'


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