How to Remove Fluid CSS in WordPress

1. Load your blog in a browser and right-click to view the source code. Find the tags that enclose each column of the blog, such as '
' or '
'. In Web design, a header is typically a full-width column above one, two or three columns in the middle of the page, followed by a footer. You need the ID or class name of each.
2. Log in to WordPress and navigate to 'Appearance' from the left sidebar. Click the 'Editor' link to load the 'Edit Themes' screen. The file you need -- style.css -- will load automatically.

3. Go through the CSS code of your theme and find the style rules that target each of your columns:#header {width: 100%;}#content {width: 65%;}#sidebar {width: 35%;}
4. Figure out from the percentage values how wide you need to make each column in pixels. Replace each percentage value with a pixel value, for example:#header {width: 960px;}#content {width: 624px;}#sidebar {width: 336px;}Update the file when you finish making your changes.


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