How To Install Wordpress Using Fantastico

Using Fantastico to Install Wordpress
1. Log into your CPanel account. Look for a little blue smiley face labeled Fantastico. You will want to click that to open it up.
2. Look under blogs once Fantastico has opened and click on Wordpress. This will open up your Wordpress window, and give you a couple options. Double check you have the space required, and then click new installation.

3. Configure your options. The first option is choose what domain to install on from the drop down. Your new domain name should be listed there. The second option is install in directory. You should leave this blank so that it installs in the root of your domain, unless you know what you are doing. We are trying to use the K.I.S.S. method here!
4. Create your administrator access data. Here is where you choose a log in and password to access your backend, to make changes to your blog. Choose something secure, and that you can either write down somewhere safe, or remember easily. An easy option is just use admin as the log in name, and then your passcode.
5. Choose your base configuration options. Choose the nickname, and the administration email. Make this an email you actually use as this is where important info regarding your site will come to. Input your site name, and a description. After you have input all of the information, click install.
6. Click the install Wordpress button. Fantastico will install Wordpress, and show you a window with all the changes that have been made. Wordpress is now installed! You will have the option to email the installation details to yourself, or return to the main overview window. It is a good idea to email the details to yourself and create a special folder to save important stuff like that. You never know when you might need it!
7. Click the visit site button once you return to the overview site showing your current Wordpress install. To log into your back end, type your domain URL into the search bar, then forward slash wp-admin. It should look like this: Then you are set! You can start customizing your blog and making it unique! Happy blogging!


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