How to Create a Wordpress Registration Page

1. Log in to the Administrator Control Panel. By default, the direct URL for your admin page is '' (Replace '' with the domain name of your Wordpress website.) You can also do this by clicking the 'Log In' or 'Wordpress Admin' link on your website.
2. Click 'Settings,' located at the lower left section of the page.

3. Go to 'Membership' and click 'Anyone can register.'
4. Set the 'New User Default Role' according to your preferences. Subscribers can access your admin panel but cannot make changes; they can, however, leave comments. Contributors can create new posts but cannot publish them without your approval. Authors are permitted to publish posts and pages in real time. Administrators can make major changes to your blog, such as installing themes and configuring plug-ins, even without your permission.
5. Click 'Save Changes' near the bottom of the page.
6. Direct your potential subscribers to '' This is the default URL for your registration page. Be sure to replace '' with the domain name of your Wordpress website.


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